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Featured Artist.
Klazina De Koeyer has a wonderful collection of oil paintings on show for April/May at our Gallery.
A little about Klazina. ....I was born in Holland. 20 years ago I started painting with watercolour then acrylics, pastels, and finally fell in love with oils.
My inspiaration comes from nature, colour and contrast, travelling, and an interest in different places.
Whwn travelling around Australia for the first time , we "discovered" the very dry desert in all its glory. Then another time we had the pleasure to be there after the rain. The result was amazing! Those impressions made me want to paint it all.
Landscape, seascape, stilllife, and flowers I have painted, and many have been sold over the years.
I attended Artschool for awhile, Artclasses and some weekend workshops, but am mainly selftaught, with much trial and error along the way. Hoping for the "Masterpice" one day!.