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Maybe I can and maybe I can’t and either way is okay- Taoist philosophy.

My art challenge for the last few years has been to get along with the means available- to make do, and use whatever items I have on hand at home, or can collect along the way. My thanks to my friends who say “was going to throw this out, but thought you could use it”.

Over the years I have painted and drawn many pears. Pears come in many shapes, sizes and colours which enable me to have wobbly, large, misshapen, mottled, imperfect art. (Art within my Heart)

I have extended my drawing and painting to include textiles, felting, wire, paper and yarn and this small exhibit is the result. Please feel free to take a small pear stencil, so you too, can make a pear flower. (Have fun and start thinking outside the pear)

Thank you to the TAG Committee for their kindness in inviting me to exhibit.    

Kim Withers