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Any questions re. these workshops and groups, please utilise the "Message Host" button on the facebook page, Tilligerry Arts Group Inc.
 Pastel workshop 
Facilitator : Cory Acorn
Date :18th of May 2019
Time :11.00am - 1.00pm
Cost : $65
For more info, go to the gallery for info sheets, registration and payment. Registration is essential prior to the event so that Cory can provide adequate materials.
What the workshop will cover:
Educational Class
A beginners pastel class featuring your favourite animal done in artist high quality soft pastel on colourfix paper. Some animal references will be available to choose from but you are welcome to bring your own.
Requirements: drinking water
Supplied: All supplies included and you get 6 soft pastels to take home with you!
Evaluation Sheet:
Please complete at the end of the workshop



A Quick Overview of the Basics of Photography


Chris J Barrett


25th of May


11am -2.30



Adult Education Class to be held at Tilligerry Arts Group Gallery 13 Meredith Ave Lemon Tree Passage 

What the workshop will cover:

  • Why we take photographs
  • Storytelling & the craft of photography
  • Composition – where to place your subject for maximum effect
  • Lighting and how to create drama in your photographs
  • Backgrounds and things to look out for in your photograph
  • Choosing the ‘centre of interest’ in your photograph
  • Framing your image for maximum effect
  • Choosing the right lens for the image you are capturing
  • Lens focal length explained and how this relates to your finished photograph
  • Choosing the best viewing angle
  • Depth of Field explained

Requirements: participants should bring along their camera and any lenses they have. Also any photographs that they would like to receive help on improving. Lunch and water

Supplied: Tea and Coffee

There will be time for questions as well.

Evaluation Sheet: please complete at end of workshop

P.S please view Chris’s photography in Gallery


Postponed BOTANICAL WATERCOLOUR Workshop, awaiting new date.

 10.30am – 1.30pm   Cost $50

Facilitator Jan Freeman. 

This two day Workshop provides the opportunity to focus thoughtfully and closely upon flowers, fruits and features of plants.  Botanical painting is all about layering colours. An initial wash of paint will be put on paper:  Then paints are mixed.

Support will be given about where to start and when to stop, drying parts with hair dryer then stretching the painting once it is finished to remove “cockling” of the paper.

Jan is a member of BASA (Botanical Art Society of Australia), who have previously accepted her prints for sale at the Bi-annual exhibition at the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne.   She produces Botanical illustration of Flora and Fauna, all painted in non-toxic watercolour and/or Gouache, on Archival quality paper, using the finest artist quality “light fast” paints.


 Paper, Scissors - ROCK!   craft groups have been a flow on result from the 2018 workshops, with Leonie Tidey volunteering her time to facilitate a fortnightly group and also sharing her knowledge of Papercraft, to be held on 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of the month 10.00-12.30, to commence 6th February 2019 during school terms. Leonie has Papercraft supplies to purchase.

This group is designed to provide a venue for crafty people to meet and "do their thing" whether it be papercraft, crochet, knitting, beadwork, macrame, embroidery, weaving, or whatever other crafty thing you like to do, with like minded people. It will be self directed and open to those who are members /non-members alike.
Tea/coffee will be available - bring a treat to share! Come along and use this wonderful Gallery - it's for the community to enjoy. All are welcome.
 Creative Knitting Natters   2nd and 4th Wed of each month 10am-12.30, this group is for all those who love knitting, and is fascilitated by our President Sue McDonnell. All crafts are welcome on this day as well. Get started on a fabulous jumper in time for our event that is to be held on 19th July where you can show it off and maybe win a prize. The event is called Jumpers, Jokes and Jukeleles. Details as they are finalised will be on the facebook page.


School holiday children's art workshops will be run each school holidays. Look at this page and the facebook page for details. These holidays lessons have been held and enjoyed by all those who attended. Art Teacher, Donna Ling, conducts these classes.

Children's Papercraft Group will be return next school holidays, watch for dates on this site and/or the TAG Inc facebook page.Facilitator, Leonie Tidey, has many years experience in papercrafts, groups and classes and has taught calligraphy.The activities are suitable for primary age children. Last holidays, parents and carers assisted which made it possible for children of different ages to participate.TAG Gallery would like a $2 donation towards overhead costs. Also a small donation for materials would be appreciated.