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Helen moved to Tanilba Bay from Canberra with husband David in 2001 and has been involved in several community organisations in the area since then. 

After being a knitter for many years, Helen was forced to put the needles down when osteoarthritis in her hands made it too difficult to do it anymore.  In 2017, while visiting a shopping centre in Newcastle, she saw an exhibition of woven products and equipment and thought 'I can do that.'

A library book, you tube videos and many pinterest posts later, she now feels able to call herself a weaver, although she feels she still has a long way to go.

Helen is now the proud owner of 2 rigid-heddle looms and enough yarn and fibre to stock a small warehouse.  The materials she uses are sourced from op-shops, friends unwanted stashes, ebay, etsy and any craft shop she happens to come across.

Selling her first scarf to a friend, and now several more through TAG, has been a real thrill for her, as a novice weaver.