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Two of June’s great passions in life are travel and painting. Her art has taken her to many countries, with 6 foreign shores visited during the first 10 weeks of 2018 in her capacity as a watercolour tutor for Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

With the beauty of Port Stephens all around her, she has recaptured her passion for seascapes and marine life; capturing scenes of the places she now calls home. Exhibiting in the TAG Gallery enables these artworks to go to local homes. When visiting a friend recently she proudly showed June her new painting, a gift from her mother…June said “look at the signature”…she was just as excited as June to see June’s signature in the corner.

She was honoured to accept the position of International Juror for ArtMaster Australia International in 2018, becoming the first Australian artist granted this prestigious title.

Her early art studies included tonal impressionism, photo realism and life drawing at Julian Ashton’s School of Art in Sydney.

Today, June has the luxury of painting what she wants, when she wants, in the medium she wants, in her own studio overlooking the Tilligerry Harbour. A dream come true for any artist.