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Jan Freeman is a recent resident of Lemon Tree Passage and she says she has been most fortunate to find such a supportive and talented group of Artists and Artisans in our area.

She has tried many “Art” forms over the years, having done her fair share of Knitting, Crochet, Patchwork, and Toll Painting.  But although they are indeed creative pursuits, none of them satisfied her craving for details and colour and her passion for plants.

She is a member of BASA (Botanical Art Society of Australia), who have previously accepted her prints for sale at the Bi-annual exhibition at the Royal Botanical Gardens Melbourne.

Jan has also been more than lucky to have been tutored by one of BASA’s long standing committee members and renowned artist Marta Salamon in Melbourne, and she is really grateful to Marta for all that she has taught her.

Jan produces Botanical illustration of Flora and Fauna, all painted in non-toxic watercolour and/or Gouache, on Archival quality paper, using the finest artist quality “light fast” paints.

Paintings are produced over several months using only live material, (or sometimes over years waiting for another flowering season) except in the case of a creature which may already be dead or inanimate subjects e.g. a birds nest with eggs, or sea shells etc.

All of Jan’s paintings can be reproduced as Archival quality prints, in varying sizes for framing, and are also available in high quality greeting card form where the detail has not diminished from the original painting.

Many of Jan's creations are available for sale in the TAG Gallery.