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Our featured artisan for November and December is Victor Marden. Vic works wonders welding horseshoe nails and assorted other objects to creature small practical sculptural items. His subjects include Australiana: kangaroos, emus and the ANZAC theme. Lest we forget. Scroll through the photos on our facebook page, link at bottom of webpage, to check out Vic's offerings. Read his story below about how he began his lifelong hobby 70 years ago! Vic is one of our treasured TAG members who always lends a hand whenever one is needed.


When I first came to Australia in 1948, I worked on a farm in South Australia.

My main job besides harvesting grain and working with sheep, was clearing

scrub with a Caterpillar crawler tractor. After the scrub was cleared and burnt, the land was prepared for growing pasture.

In the 1950s, I bought my own bulldozer and built several dams on properties in the Adelaide foothills.

After 12 months I moved to Meningie, SA. It was there that I ended up with three Caterpillar crawler tractors clearing thousands of acres of land.

Arc and Oxy welding was essential for doing repairs to my ploughs etc.


I bought an engine driven Lincoln arc welder, then phoned Commonwealth Industrial Gases in Adelaide re purchasing an oxy welding set.

Because I was a new customer, and never experienced oxy welding. I was invited to attend a 2 hour lesson (free of charge) at their outlet.


It was a wonderful experience for me which I have never forgotten.

After 70 plus years working with oxy/acetylene, I still enjoy my work as a hobby.